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E100 General Engineering Contractor

B100 General Building Contractor

B200 Modular Unit Installation Contractor (Set up Modular housing)

R100 Residential/Small Commercial Contractor (20K sq ft/3 stories)

R101 Residential/Small Commercial Non-Structural Remodel/Repair (50K/ existing structure)

R200 Factory Built Housing Contractor. (Manufactured housing)

E200 General Electrical Contractor (Must be Master Electrician)

E201 Residential Electrical Contractor(Must be Residential Master Electrician)

E202 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor (Requires NABCEP Certificate)

P200 General Plumbing Contractor (Must be Master Plumber)

P201 Residential Plumbing Contractor (Must be a Master Plumber)

P202 Boiler Installation Contractor

P203 Irrigation Sprinkler Contractor

P204 Industrial Piping Contractor

P205 Water Conditioning Equipment Contractor

P206 Solar Thermal Systems Contractor

P207 Residential Sewer Connection/Septic Tank Contractor

S220 Carpentry Contractor

S230 Siding Contractor

S240 Glass and Glazing Contractor

S250 Insulation Contractor

S260 General Concrete Contractor

S270 General Drywall and Plastering Contractor

S280 General Roofing Contractor

S290 General Masonry Contractor

S300 General Painting Contractor

S310 Excavation and Grading Contractor

S320 Steel Erection Contractor

S330 Landscaping Contractor

S340 Sheet Metal Contractor

S350 HVAC Contractor

S354 Radon Mitigation (Must have NEHA Certification)

S360 Refrigeration Contractor

S370 Fire Suppression Systems Contractor

S380 Swimming Pool and Spa Contractor

S390 Sewer and Waste Water Pipeline Contractor

S400 Asphalt Paving Contractor

S410 Pipeline and Conduit Contractor

S420 General Fencing Contractor

S430 Metal Firebox and Fuel Burning Stove Installer

S440 Sign Installation Contractor

S450 Mechanical Insulation Contractor

S460 Wrecking and Demolition Contractor

S470 Petroleum Systems Contractor

S480 Piers and Foundations Contractor

S490 Wood Flooring Contractor

S500 Sports and Athletic Courts Installation Contractor

S510 Elevator Contractor (Must be a licensed elevator mechanic)

S600 General Stucco Contractor

S700 Specialty License Contractor

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State of Utah links and forms:

For more information on licensing, please visit the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational Licensing website.

To verify your license type, please visit the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Verification System.

Click here for updated CE requirements documented on the DOPL website.